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Signed lower right: George Thomas

Oil on Panel, 25 cm x 40 cm, Framed

Copacabana Beach

  • No visit to Rio would be complete without painting Rio’s three beaches, each with their own character, feel and vibe.  All the beaches were a joy to paint with good sand to plant an easel into, vibrant cafes for breaks and a pleasant Atlantic sea breeze. 

    The long, scalloped beach of Copacabana is a magnificent confluence of land and sea, extending for some 4km, with a flurry of activity along its length.  Over-amped soccer players sing their team's anthem; cariocas (Rio residents) and tourists line up for caipirinhas at kiosks; favela kids show off their soccer skills; and beach vendors, pictured here, shout out their wares among the tanned beach bodies.

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