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Signed lower right: George Thomas

Oil on Panel, 30 x 25 cm, Framed

Chacara Gehring, Itapetininga

  • Whilst touring through the rural hinterland surrounding Sao Paulo, this easy-on-the-eye view caught my attention.  This image evokes fond memories of the impromptu generosity of strangers I experienced on my travels in this incredible country.  While painting, a local family greeted me with a small feast of local produce including Pão de Queijo (cheese bread balls), chocolate, freshly pressed fruit, and homemade cake.

    One factor to consider when painting the Brazilian countryside is that due to the tropical climate the painting can become overwhelmingly green. From a technical perspective the contrast against this green given by the orange tiled roofs was a joy to paint.  These hues sit on almost completely opposite sides of the colour wheel, so are considered complementary colours and when seen side-by-side make the other colour appear even more vibrant.

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